We only do property

We don’t do cans of coke, packets of chips or funky fashion stores. We only specialise in delivering laser-targeted marketing strategies and execution for property developers, real estate agents and architects who want a industry-specific marketing agency that will work alongside them to achieve their commercial objectives.

We believe strategy drives creativity

Our passion for property development goes way beyond sexy images and brochures. Sure, a nice picture might look cool, but it’s pointless (and costly) if it doesn’t work to achieve your objectives.

That’s why we prefer to work with you from the start of your project, identifying exactly how to market your property more effectively and meticulously crafting your unique selling point into creative that captures the attention of your target buyers instantly.


  • Identify & refine your USP early in the project to harness the ‘magic’ that will cast a spell over buyers
  • Avoid the scattergun effect. Save money with a more cohesive approach to your marketing strategy
  • Consult the property marketing experts – we only work with the property development industry

We make the marketing strategy process look easy, because we enjoy what we do and we’re not afraid to have fun while we’re doing it… but when it comes to talking shop, we’re deadly serious about creating an integrated marketing communications plan that realises your strategic project goals.

This is how we work


We’ll listen carefully to what you want to achieve. We’ll then talk to everyone necessary to build a complete picture of your project and its potential. We know exactly what questions to ask to develop a strong brief that works.


We’ll put a strategy on the table that lays out everything you need to include in your marketing mix to achieve the strategic objectives identified in developing your brief.


This is where the rubber hits the road. We avoid a scatter gun approach, preferring to execute your strategy, making sure its rolled out at the right time so it captures the attention of your target buyers.

Who We Work With


  • Make Your Marketing Dollar Stretch Further. We take an integrated approach to your marketing strategy at the outset
  • Simplify with a Single Point of Contact. Use one specialist marketing partner across your complete marketing campaign from concept to completion
  • Integrate to Save Money. Create integrated marketing strategies aimed at selling properties faster
  • Identify the Sweet Spot. Identify & refine your USP early in the project to attract more buyers
  • We Only Do Property. Consult the property marketing experts – we only work with the property development industry so we know what works

Real Estate Agencies

  • Effortless Negotiations. We work as a conduit between you and the developer to maximise the marketing budget
  • Remarkable Presentations. Add more strategic & creative value to your presentations / proposals to developers
  • We ‘Get’ Property. Partner with a marketing agency that really 'gets' property marketing and sales
  • Generate more leads per campaign. Use our unique property marketing experience to get results
  • Integrated Packages on a Platter. Get a complete marketing package geared towards property sales with everything included

Project Marketers

  • Eliminate ‘Project Overload.’ Get extra project management help when you need it most
  • We’re Here to Help. We can also work alongside you for large or complex projects.
  • Your Property Marketing ‘Think Tank.’ Gain new ideas, additional insights and/or add value to difficult or stalled projects
  • We ‘Get’ Property. Work with a trusted marketing agency that really ‘gets’ property and sales – our experience lets us take your brief and run with it
  • Fill the Gaps. Supplement your expertise with specialist advice across the complete spectrum of property marketing

The Zen Mojo bottom line

When it comes to property marketing, we know what works. What’s more, we can structure a simply elegant, streamlined solution for you that won’t necessarily require the full marketing spend up-front.

Every new project we take on begins with a heavy focus on strategy that’s tailored to your unique offering.  We take the time to think through all the variables so your project marketing flows easily and intuitively.

  • Concept Stage.
    We’ll help you crystallise your ideas at concept stage and make sure nothing is lost in translation, focussing on engaging your stakeholders and buyers directly.
  • Planning to Pre-Construction.
    We use our market knowledge to add value to your project and keep it market relevant.
  • Construction Stage.
    We take your strategy to the next level. We consolidate on our marketing activity and build further excitement around your project as sales increase and prospects realise their options are decreasing.
  • Completion.
    We make sure every new buyer enjoys the process of buying a property from you. From helpful information kits to lavish gift packs, we’ll explore how you can put a smile on every buyer’s face and spread positive word of mouth.

But our interest in your project doesn’t stop when your campaign is at an end.

Our reward comes when you report complete sell-out and call us in to discuss the next project – that’s when we know our work is done.

Take a more strategic approach to your property marketing. Call us.